I’ve said it about a thousand times, but “where does the time go?”  Well I guess I have been a bit distracted by a couple of things this month.

The most exciting news is that I am having one of my patterns in a British knitting magazine next February.  A real life print magazine that anyone can buy anywhere!  One of my goals back in January was to get a pattern published this year – I currently have three in the pipeline!  One of them should be published online in the next couple of weeks, and the other two in the spring.  I am currently knitting up the samples for these two, juggling them because they are both due on the same date!

I recently had another birthday!  Colin bought me a set of Hiya Hiya Sharp Interchangeable needles.  They are lovely but I haven’t really used them much yet.  I’d already bought a fixed 2.5mm circular for socks and they are the most pointy-est needles of all the 2.5mm circs I own.  Even the largest size in the set is super pointy.  Before my sample yarns arrived I made a start on a little cardigan from The Knitter magazine.  It’s called Yarrow by Martin Storey and I’m actually using the recommended yarn, Rowan Panama.


I am also making Colin a Hugo by Veronik Avery.  I didn’t realise at the time but the Notre Dame I’ve recently finished is also by her.  I’ve completed the front and back and one sleeve so far.  I really like the stitch pattern.  I’m using Drops Lima for this which is 65% wool, 35% alpaca.  It’s a really great yarn considering it only costs £2 for 50g!

Hugo back in progress

The only other thing I finished was a plain pair of socks in Regia Design Line Garden Effects.




My other distraction is GOLF!!  Completely on a whim (I have never shown any interest in golf before despite practically all my in-laws playing) I decided I was going to learn.  I had a go on the driving range with Colin’s clubs and almost the next day had secured a second hand ladies set of clubs on ebay for £40.  I’ve so far had one lesson and I’m practicing what I learned at the driving range.  I am slowly “getting it”, it is so much harder than it looks!  I was so impressed with my improvements the other day that I bought a brand new club, a driver which didn’t come with the ebay set.



I haven’t joined a club yet, but Colin has signed up for a trial membership locally, and I’ve been out on the course with him.  I really need to build up some stamina though, I haven’t exercised in years and my legs don’t like it!!

Another one of my wishes may come true soon too.  I’ve wanted to do a podcast for a few years now, since I discovered the sadly now defunct Lime & Violet podcast.  But I didn’t want to do it on my own.  Since going to the Stash knit group, I’ve met Jane and she has agreed to co-host with me.  Neither of us has any idea how to do a podcast, but apparently you can do it on Garageband which I have on my Mac.  Time will tell if we actually manage to produce anything sensible, because we tend to get a bit giggly when we’re together!  I think it will be good fun though.







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