Yarndale 2013

Well just about everyone else in blogland has got their post up about Yarndale, so now it’s my turn to chip in.

This was the new event for all lovers of yarn and fibre, held in Skipton, West Yorkshire last weekend.  I was unable to attend on the Saturday due to another commitment (a golf lesson actually!) , and was a little disappointed because all my knit group friends were going that day.  However, I think it turned out to be a wise move as on the Saturday it was incredibly busy and my friends had to queue firstly to get into the car park, then into the event, and afterwards 20 minutes just for the loos and food outlets!  I think everyone wanted to be there for the first ever day of Yarndale.  On the Sunday we drove straight into the carpark, no queue for anything.  In fact we were in the cafe at 9.50, Colin tucking into a bacon buttie before the main event had even opened.

I can’t imagine how many photos there are of this bunting at the entrance, but indulge me……..



The organisers sent out a call months ago for people to crochet bunting triangles and send them in.  They were then all strung together to produce the above display.  I admit I am not a crochet fan but these did look incredible.

Heading into the main hall there were four main aisles of vendors, a couple of alpaca pens, and some cute angora rabbits.  The whole thing was very reminiscent of Woolfest, the only other major yarny event I have attended.  I did one circuit, picking up a few yarns here and there, but by the end I felt a little overwhelmed.  There was so much to see but for some reason I kept focussing on the things I already own!  Red and purple sock yarns and coloured fibre for needle felting.  I did managed to resist the former but got a little bit of the latter.

At this point I had a text from Annie (knitsofacto), and we met her in the cafe for a sausage roll and cup of tea.  (I was very impressed that they had decaff tea!).  Then Colin decided to leave me to it and I did a second circuit on my own, noticing some things I’d not seen the first time round.  I don’t know if you know about my aversion to pompoms after a very dodgy attempt to make a couple, but I had to take a photo of these

DSCN1868but don’t ask me which stall it was.

There were a lot of familiar names there, and many I hadn’t come across before on my internet travels.  Lots of feeling of yarns and fibres followed by ooohs and aaaahs.  And a strange encounter with the chap from Purlescence who on seeing my Ravelry name on my badge (electrogirl) decided I was a Superhero and sent me on my way to do good deeds, after freeing me of some of my cash for some wonderful Chiagoo Twist interchangeable tips and cables.

This is what I came home with

Yarndale 2013 haul

Unfortunatley I can’t remember where I got the graduated yarn, but there is some Drops, Skein Queen and UK Alpacas there, the Chiagoo needles, some fibre from Wingham Woolwork, a sheep design project bag, two knitty greetings cards, two skeins from Laxtons and some skull stitch markers for my friend Jane who couldn’t go either day.

I wish I had taken more photos like Annie, and  the lovely ones Sarah took.

In other news I have almost finished the second sleeve on Hugo, just a few more decreases to go on the sleeve cap.  All my knitted samples have gone off to their various destinations, and I have my thinking cap on for more at the moment.

Tomorrow is the re-opening of Stash Fine Yarn‘s new larger store, after a refurb this week.  So pop in and see what new surprises they have in store.  They are also now going to be open from 11-5 every Saturday.

And finally a little plug for Diabetes UK.  Their BigCollection event is this weekend in lots of Tesco stores around the country.  I am doing my bit today between 12-3 at Tesco in Chester, (Sealand Rd store).  We will be collecting pennies but also handing out lots of free information about diabetes.

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