A needle tip comparison

In my post about my HiyaHiyas I mentioned that I’d originally used one of their 2.5mm fixed circulars for socks.  And that I had discovered that they were the pointiest of all the 2.5mm needles I’d used.  Well here is a comparison of all the needle tips.


l-r: KnitPro Harmony, Chiagoo, Addi Lace, HiyaHiya Sharp, KnitPro Karbonz

As you can see the HiyaHiyas are definitely the sharpest, closely followed by the Chiagoos.  Addi Lace come next, then the Harmony and surprisingly the Karbonz are the bluntest.  This surprised me because I bought the Karbonz after seeing a friend’s 2.5mm DPNs and they were very sharp.  But when I ordered the 2.5mm Circular, they were markedly more blunt.  A bit of a disappointment but they will still get used.

So once again, hooray for HiyaHiyas!!


2 thoughts on “A needle tip comparison

  1. Thanks for this post & in particular the photo. I’m in the market for some new sock needles as my Knit Pro fixed are bent & battered after lots of use. What is the join like on the HiyaHiyas?

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