An odd sort of Saturday

My week consists of mainly pottering around while Colin is at work Monday to Friday.  I go into his office and do his bookkeeping once a week, I go to knit group on a Wednesday, food shop on Thursday, and various bits and pieces of housework (as little as I can get away with usually!). The rest of the time, I knit, read, walk the dog and potter.

At weekends Colin is home so we pop into town and generally spend the weekend together.

However this weekend he is on a course in Manchester on Saturday AND Sunday all day.  So although it sort of feels like a weekday, it also doesn’t.  It just feels a bit odd.  We are meeting friends for a meal this evening though so that will be good.

So, what am I doing with my weekend?  Well, a bit of knitting of course…….. I am working on a Zilver shawl.



In my foolishness I decided to join in the “EpicKalCal” on the Skein after Skein podcast group on Ravelry.  There are 12 items to make in a year, 2 of which are shawls.  I don’t particularly like shawls and don’t knit them because I don’t wear them.  But I have to now make two!  Luckily I have allocated a recipient for this one, a friend who recently had a 60th birthday and loves purple.  I think she’ll like this.  So Zilver is the first one and I will probably do a Boneyard shawl as my second one.  I have a lovely red Zauberball which I may use for that.  This yarn is Eden Cottage Fantasia, 100% tightly spun merino.  About 3 years ago back when Eden Cottage yarns were called Wild Fire Fibres, I joined Vicky’s sock club for 6 months and this was one of the yarns I received.  The colourway is called Peacock which suits it perfectly.

Well today is a lovely bright day so I managed to get photos of the joins on the 2.5mm needles I posted about last week.

DSC_0300l-r: Addi Lace, HiyaHiya Sharp, Chiagoo, KnitPro Karbonz, and KnitPro Harmony.

They are all pretty similar really.  I haven’t actually tried the Chiagoos yet.  The HiyaHiyas seem to have the longest transition from cable thickness to needle thickness.  I think you can guess which I like best.  Hope this is a bit of a help Blueadt.

Whilst in the supermarket on a Thursday I look at the magazines.  I usually buy Eat In which is good for quick recipes, and have a mooch at the knitting magazines.  However this week something else caught my eye.


The magazine came with a bumper kit of stuff, well worth the cover price……

DSC_0295 DSC_0297 DSC_0298

I used to make a lot of cards back when I first stopped working and before I rediscovered my knitting passion.  I still have a lot of supplies from back then.  So I thought I would break out the Pritt Stick and use the kit to make Christmas cards for my friends.  And being at a loose end this weekend, I might just have a go this afternoon.


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