It has finally happened!  The latest issue of Clotheshorse online knitting magazine came out this morning, featuring MY first published pattern on page 76-77!!

I can’t for the life of me work out how to get the pictures from the site onto here so I’ve had to take photos of the laptop screen.  So this is what their photos look like……..





And these are a couple of me modelling the samples before I sent them in…….


Rainbow hat & mitts 7


The magazine chose the colours and sent me the yarn to knit the samples.  My original hat was in rainbow colours……



which I really liked, but they obviously had their own colour palette  to fit in with the look of that section of the magazine.  The rainbow hat is knit in Jamieson & Smith jumper weight, and the magazine versions are in Rowan Wool Cotton DK, using 2.5mm and 2.75mm needles for both.  You don’t need a full ball of each colour, I had lots left over, so this would be a great project if you have some part used co-ordinating colours left from something else you have made.  The patterns for the set cost $6 from the pattern page in the magazine.

The hat can be worn pulled down over your ears like a beanie or pushed back to give a slouchy effect.

Have a look through the whole magazine, there are some really nice patterns in there.


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