Slouchy Sunday: Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret

Did anyone spot the (deliberate – ahem!) mistake in my last post??  I called it FO Friday, but it was actually Thursday.  I genuinely thought it was Friday that day!

Well I’ve double checked and today is most definitely Sunday, and I give you the first of my Star Crossed Slouchy Berets.

DSC_0315 DSC_0316


This is the first of two which are going as Christmas presents to two teenage sisters.  The first has red hair so I chose this SMC Silk Wool in pine green, and the second is blonde so I’m thinking a nice Royal or pale blue?  What do you think?  If you have any suggestions for other colours leave me a comment, I love getting them.

This is a very slouchy hat, knitted on 6mm and 8mm needles.  I think this size is ok for the older sister but I might go down to 5mm and 7mm needles for the younger one.  It took me only two days and just over 1 ball of the Silk Wool (53g) for this hat, I wonder if the smaller needles would mean I would only need one ball for the other?


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