Blue (and a small matter of a part time job)

I seem to be knitting with a lot of blue at the moment.  My latest finished object for the EpicKalCal is an As You Go shawl, coincidentally by a designer called Michele Blue.  The yarn is the Babylonglegs Radiance from the previous post.



The top is supposed to be straight but in order to get this photo I had to blutack it to a white wall because it is so big.  The blocked size is 80cm deep and 170 wide.  The pattern was a little bit unclear, hence the non-symmetrical nature of the bottom section, but I like it anyway.

Currently in progress and hopefully finished today is a second Star Crossed Slouchy Beret to go with the green one I made a couple of weeks ago.



I have used the SMC Select Silk Wool again as it is a really nice yarn and gives a good slouchy effect when blocked out.  I have used a size smaller needle on this one though as it is for a slightly smaller head.

My daytime knitting time has been slightly eaten into for the past couple of weeks as I landed myself a little part time job.  I have to say it is a real chore going in actually because it is in a yarn shop.  Hahahaha!!  Yes a YARN SHOP!!!  And my favourite yarn shop too, Stash Fine Yarns.  I’ve been a customer for ages and it is also where I go for the weekly knitting group.  It’s great actually. I am doing two days a week and alternate Saturdays, and this is my second week.  I’ve been waiting a while for a vacancy to come up, and out of the blue it did.  I’m really chuffed.  A lot of the business is internet orders so I’m picking and packing for those mostly, but I am getting to be familiar with yarns I had not really paid much attention to before.  The only downside is I work on the day of the knit group so don’t get to sit and knit with the girls, but I am still there and can pop out for a quick chat now and again.  And I get paid to be surrounded by yarn all day, what more could a knitter want?


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