Book review: Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Life After LifeLife After Life by Kate Atkinson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this book. I have enjoyed all the Jackson Brodies and also Human Croquet, but unfortunately I found this book a bit of a drag.
Ursula Todd is born and instantly dies.
Ursula Todd is born, lives a few days and dies.
Ursula Todd is born, lives a bit longer then dies.
As she gets older, each time before dying subtle changes in her behaviour prevent the incident which caused her to die so she survives but dies a bit later. This happens over and over. In the end she is getting flashes of deja vu so that she is consciously changing her behaviours as she has premonitions that something bad is going to happen.
But we never find out which is the true story of her life. Does she go to Germany and meet Hitler or not? Does she have a child or not?
I felt the book was almost like the author had several stories in her head about Ursula, but couldn’t decide on which one to write so she just wrote all of them! With no satisfactory ending to any of them – except the very last one – but was that really an ending?

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