Lopi loopy

Well after two months of working in the yarn shop I finally bought some yarn!  I think I’ve held out pretty well despite being surrounded by gorgeousness for 8 weeks!  Although I have quite a large stash and loads of things on my Ravelry queue, nothing was calling to me.  I have a sock in progress and also a cardigan waiting for button bands and a collar, but neither are floating my boat.  Then my friend Annie queued a couple of projects last week and I looked to see where they were published.  By doing this I discovered a jumper called Moon Pulls (published in Paper-Tiger) and fell in love with it.

I was going to use the original grey but we didn’t have enough in stock at the shop, so I had a little look at what we did have and decided on these colours…….



Red for the main colour, black for the diamonds and the grey around the diamonds.  As Lett Lopi can be a little rough next to the skin, the pattern adds some lining at the cuffs and neck in a softer yarn and I found some Rowan Purelife in my stash in an off-white which I thought would look ok.  You don’t really see it anyway as it is tucked inside, and it is lovely and soft.

The unfinished cardigan was going to be my final item in the Skein after Skein Epic KalCal knit-along but if I can get this jumper made before 16th April I shall use it instead.  It all depends if my hands are up to the job.  I now have an appointment in February for nerve conduction tests at the orthopaedic department, so we’ll see what solution they come up with.

Despite having a lot of followers of this blog I don’t get many comments, so I was wondering if a little competition might be in order?  It won’t be anything difficult, but I’ll have a furtle in my stash and come up with something squishy to give away as a prize.  Would that encourage you to comment?

Mark your diaries for 6th February by the way, something exciting is happening on that day……..


One thought on “Lopi loopy

  1. I am so impressed by your self-discipline! Two months of being surrounded by yarn every work day but not buying any until now? I think I might have managed about five minutes. ‘Tis probably a good thing I don’t work in a yarn shop…

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