Another reason why I love my husband!!

Yesterday we had a little trip to Manchester.  One of my favourite authors, Matthew Reilly, is in the UK from Australia promoting his new book, The Tournament, and was giving a talk and signing copies in Waterstone’s on Deansgate.

We decided to go over in the morning, and after a little detour to Purl City Yarns, we headed to Waterstone’s.  I bought my copy of The Tournament ready for the signing later and then we decided to have a bit of lunch in the cafe on the 2nd floor.  I went up to order while Colin looked for a table.  While I was at the counter I looked over to see where he was sitting and saw he had found a table in a corner booth.  He was grinning at me but I thought he was just pleased to have found somewhere to sit as it was quite busy.

I paid for the order and looked around at him again, and out loud I said “Oh I don’t believe it” and had a little giggle.  In the meantime he’d seen some people looking for a table and as our table was quite big and there was only the two of us, he’d invited them to share.  Have you guessed yet?  One of them was Matthew Reilly!!  I think I was a bit distracted by this because I took the tray and went over, forgetting to wait for the coffees!!  I didn’t realise until the barista came looking for me!

So there we were sitting with Matthew Reilly.  We had done introductions but kept to ourselves for a bit but then Matthew started to include us in the conversation.  Talking about his books, and his struggles trying to get one of them made into a film.  Other stuff I can’t remember, but it was a good 45 minutes.  As he got ready to go and set up for his talk, he signed the book for us and posed for photos!


When we went to get a seat in the events room we discovered they were all taken and the staff were trying to squeeze in more chairs.  They put a couple right in the front and told us to take them.  So when Matthew came in, there we were again!!  I’m sure he probably thinks we are stalkers now!  Anyway, he is a really nice guy and I was so excited that I’d actually met him.

Obviously we didn’t have to queue at the end to get the book signed, so off we went, but inside the book we had a personalised message……

                                                                                                                                                              "To Donna & Colin, it was great to join you for lunch in Manchester, Enjoy."

“To Donna & Colin, it was great to join you for lunch in Manchester, Enjoy.”

Yes, ok, I’ll admit it, I was a bit star struck!!


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