Exciting news and I’m having a competition!

(***Competition now closed***)

A couple of weeks ago I hinted that something exciting was going to happen on February 6th.  So here we are, and here it is…

The latest issue of Knit Now magazine.


This issue actually came out early as I managed to pick up a copy in Purl City Yarns on Saturday.  I was super excited because it contains my first published pattern!!!  See that mitten on the cover?  Well here it is inside……


And that’s me down in the bottom left hand corner!

I sent the pattern and sample back in September, it’s been a long wait but it’s finally out.  They are a little pair of mitts with cables on the back of the hand, knit in Woolyknits 4ply yarn with 2.5mm needles.  The colour in the magazine looks blue-grey but the colour is duck egg blue as in the photo below.  They sent me two 50g balls but you can get both mitts from one ball which makes them less than a fiver to make.  Here is a photo that I took before sending them in, modelled by one of my lovely friends


But…….. if you leave me a comment you are in with a chance of winning the ball of yarn and needles in the pic*….


The needles are a set of 2.5mm DPNs from HiyaHiya, my current favourite needle brand.  They are the pointiest needles I’ve used, but as I prefer using magic loop I’ve decided to give them away to a lucky winner.

All you have to do is leave me a comment, tell me your favourite item you like to knit, and if you want to elaborate tell me why.  I’ll put the names in a hat and draw a winner in a couple of weeks time**.  Don’t forget to leave me a way to contact you if you are the winner.  That could be a Ravelry name, email address or a link to your blog.  Your chances of winning are pretty high as I don’t get a huge amount of comments so give it a go.  Don’t be shy, you never know!!

* As some of the readers may be overseas from the UK, (and I’m happy to send worldwide), I am also including a copy of the magazine so you have the pattern too.

**It has been suggested that I put a closing date, so it will be 23.59pm GMT, Sunday 16th February.  I have no clue on time zones sorry!


64 thoughts on “Exciting news and I’m having a competition!

  1. Fantastic! Congratulations! That’s a fine looking pair of mitts. I am knitting my first pair of long fingerless mitts, in a lovely red Malabrigo. Before starting these, I would have said my favourite knitting project would be socks. Ha–the mitts are pretty similar to socks, though, aren’t they? Hmm–still, there are new challenges. I may redo the first thumb after I do the second thumb.

    The Knit Now folks must have knit a different coloured pair, no? I like the blue, very cheery. 🙂


  2. These look beautiful! My favourite knits at the moment are accessories. I’m going through a scarf and wrist warmer phase – I think it’s the urge to keep friends and family warm in winter. That said I’ll be casting on a cardigan for my nephew this weekend at my sister’s request!

  3. Congratulations on your achievement–how exciting! Lovely fingerless gloves, especially like the textured, interesting pattern.

  4. For me my favourite projects are at toss up between hats and shawls. Hats because they are fast and give opportunity to try out new techniques and I wear lots of hats. Shawls because they are so beautiful and challenging and I wear a lot of shawls too!

  5. How exciting for you. It is always a bonus when you get recognition. Friends may tell you how wonderful you are BUT when your peers that don’t know you admire your work – YIPPEE. Congratulations.

  6. My favorite items to knit so far are scarves and dishcloths. both are quick to knit because I find myself starting every pattern I see and wanting to do it all so I need things that are fairly quick. I only have so much space to store all of them”. Love your glove pattern it is very pretty and would love to try using dpns. they sound scarry but I can see where it would be something great to learn.

  7. Lovely pattern and colour.my favourite knitting at the moment is socks but I am stayingvatbmy daughters home for a few days.She is head teacher at a school in Wales I went in yesterday to the school to help to knit.They were very eager to learn most mastered it very quickly.I am returning today because some want to knit during their “golden hour”which is time to do whatever they like with time earned during their week.

  8. Congratulations for your success. Very beautiful mitts. I just made my first (completely simple) pair and like them. I wasn’t sure I would like fingerless mitts at all.
    Your pattern looks like a nice challenge for my second pair.

  9. Congratulations! Those are lovely mitts! My very favorite thing to knit are socks, but as nina9z says, mitts are so similar! You should definitely sign the book that you send out as a prize!

  10. Congrats! No wonder you are proud- those are lovely! Do autograph the magazine for whoever wins! I just love to knit, period. If I had to choose a favorite project, it would be scarves.

  11. Congrats on your publication! These are beautiful and I’d love to try them. I’ve always been a bit fearful of giving double pointed needles a whirl but, this could be the time to give them a go!

  12. congratulations on being published – what an achievement! I don’t get the opportunity very often but I love to knit for babies & toddlers, especially old traditional/vintage patterns, they look so good in modern yarns & colours

  13. I am working on the “Downton Abby” hat from Knitsofacto and loving it. I purchased the suggested yarn and it is yummy! Got the Sublime wool from Loveknitting. I too am a circular needle knitter nut have found the unexpected joy of working with dpn needles. Will have to try out making these mittens. I have RA and find if i keep my hands and fingers warm i can knit longer. YIPPEE Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful yarn and needles.

  14. Congratulations! They are beautiful! I like to knit all things, but maybe especially shawls and sweaters. Shawls are nice because you don’t have to worry about them fitting anything!
    (nodice on Rav)

  15. Congratulations! Your pattern is quite lovely and even if I don’t win I’ll be seeking it out. I like knitting lots of things, but socks with self-striping yarn is a fun way to keep oneself interested. – Iggystar on Ravelry

  16. I really love these mitts. Congratulations and I am sure this will not be your only published pattern. It is very nice of you to give us a chance to get the supplies to make them for ourselves. My fingers are crossed!

  17. My favourite item to knit is fingerless mittens! Honestly! I wear them all the time, even in the depths of Winter. 3ply or 4ply in Summer, chunky in Winter. There is such a variety of wonderful patterns around for them, both knit & crochet. I’m ‘Pick’ on Ravelry.

  18. I like to say Congratulations from over the pond here on Cape Cod, MA, USA. I just love the look of your mitts. They are so pretty.
    My favorite things to knit right now are cowls. It has been so cold here that everyone I know seems to want one. Your mitts would look great with one! 🙂

  19. Fingerless mitts are one of my favorite things to knit. I love the Mariner’s mitt design. It’s complicated enough to pique my interest, yet not too busy to distort the fit of the mitt.Great job! (I agree, Hiya Hiyas are awesome).

    Thanks for the contest and congrats on getting published!

  20. Congratulations! Mitts are great for keeping your hands warm when knitting on the go. I love knitting mitts, socks, hats, scarves, shawls – anything really!

  21. Oh the mitts are lovely, and I love the colour too! I think I might prefer DPNs to circulars myself. My favourite thing to knit is clothes for my little boys, although with a 3 week old there’s not a lot of that going on. He’s sleeping on my chest right now!

  22. I think those are simply lovely! Congratulations. My favorite things to knit are sweaters. I wear them all the time and now that I have knit a few the modifications for fitting are getting much much easier.

  23. Congratulations it is a lovely pattern. At the moment I like knitting cowls, for myself and for gifts. I also like knitting baby clothes. Thanks for the chance.

  24. I currently seem to knit baby hats and sweaters more than anything else as there’s always a need for the next size up and anything more complicated is less than ideal what with small hands trying to snatch my knitting from me :o)

  25. Fabulous achievement -Well Done:) I love knitting socks but as I’m returning to Scotland after living in Saudi for the last 28 years I will be branching out and start knitting many other items. Fingerless gloves, I feel, will be one of the first.

  26. These are beautiful and I’m so glad you are now a published designer! I love to knit shawls, mainly because they are versatile in terms of how and when you wear them, and they don’t require gauge swatching! My ravelry.com handle is ayriolef. Good luck on future designs!

  27. Ooh, exciting. Congratulations on the publication of your lovely pattern. I’d love to win…. I like knitting all sorts of things but particularly jumpers. I’d love to knit some knitters as they’re one of the very few things I’ve never yet tried. I can be contacted at my blog, and I’m Occles on Ravelry. 🙂

  28. Congratulations on the publication, they are lovely!
    I like to wear fingerless mitts, they keep your hands warm but you still have your fingers free.
    Looking forward to the next design x

  29. Beautiful mitts, I love the colour which shows the pattern off really well.
    I enjoy knitting fingerless mitts but my DD snaffles every pair I make !,… maybe I could keep these little beauties for myself ♥

  30. what a nice pattern 🙂 I’m lilangelsg2 on ravelry and blogspot. I like to knit hats, fingerless mitts and am currently loving the Milo vest pattern, on my 5th so far lol

  31. Lovely mitts, great colour too.
    I have been making socks for my cold feet, six pairs one after the other. Textured mittens would be a nice change from smooth socks!

  32. Congratulations on your lovely mitts, it must have been very exciting to see them in print! I have earmarked them to knit, love knitting on dpns, and am addicted to knitting socks!
    (13linda on Ravelry)

  33. I love those, such a nice cable pattern.
    My favourite things to knit alternate between shawls and mitts.
    I love easily portable practical small projects most.

  34. They’re beautiful and congrats on getting published! My most favourite things to knit are socks with dpn’s, I have very pointy feet and I love that I can custom make my own socks, so much more comfortable! I also make other small items like cowls, mitts and hats. I know my limits, lol! I’m racinggirl on Ravelry.

  35. What pretty mitts!! Congrats on getting published! It would be so fun to win this prize (especially if you do the draw on the 18th which is my birthday ♥ ) My favourite things to knit are socks, cowls, and mitts. I can be reached on Rav (econnerd)

  36. I love fingerless mitts and these are lovely. I have 2 daughters who would love them. I make all sorts and have a lot of sock yarn to use up so must find patterns, maybe I can adapt this cable pattern? I’m jody22 on Ravelry.

  37. My favourite item to knit is socks, because I know they’ll get used.

    Congratulations on publishing your lovely pattern!

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  38. I LOVE those mitts. My favourite thing to knit are mitts because they make excellent gifts and its like giving a hug to the person you give them to.

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