A frustrated crafter!

I have decided I am a frustrated crafter!  I want to be really really good at something.  I have made a small inroad into being good at knitting I suppose, getting published and all that, but there are lots of things I have a go at and fall flat.  My problem is that although I seem to have a vivid imagination when I am asleep (do NOT ask me about my crazy dreams) I don’t really have one when it comes to craft.  I can copy, oh yes I’m good at that, but I find it very difficult to make things up from scratch.    I totally envy all these people who make amazing stuff and sell it on Etsy and Folksy.

I used to make sheep stitch markers  but the time it took to make them wasn’t worth my while.

sheep markers


And I find that with all crafts.  I have just taken an hour and a half to make a couple of cards (copied from a magazine of course).

DSCN1988 DSCN1989


How does anyone make any money from crafts?

Oh, and I won’t be quilling again in a hurry, how tedious, luckily I got the bits and bobs free with a magazine.


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