I want to knit!!

I had my carpal tunnel surgery on Tuesday.  I won’t show any photos in case you are squeamish but I had a couple of whopping bruises, one of which almost filled the palm of my hand.  There was a large bandage on it for two days and now I just have a large plaster dressing with a loose protective sleeve over it.  I’m not allowed to get it wet, until I’ve at least had the stitches out on Friday.  As I am right handed I’ve had to learn to cope using my left hand.  I finally worked out how to do a bra up without Colin’s help this morning!  But writing anything is nigh on impossible.

The operation took 9 minutes!!  That is the time between them putting on a tourniquet and taking it off again.  I think you have to be careful about the amount of time you have a tourniquet in place.  I remember hearing something about soldiers in battle.  If they were given a tourniquet, the time would be written on their forehead so the medic would know how long it had been on.  Something about toxins building up if there is no blood supply.

Anyway, no problems for me on that score.  I am still a little swollen, mainly my thumb, and don’t have a lot of strength in my hand.  I was going to attempt to go to work tomorrow but I wouldn’t be able to do much so I’m not going in.  I’m not due in then until Saturday, so should be ok by then.

I am getting a bit frustrated at not being able to knit though.  I thought that seeing as I was “poorly sick” I would treat myself to some yarn to cheer myself up a bit.  Well yes the yarn is lovely, but I so much want to use it and I can’t.  Grrrrrr.  Here it is anyway, a Zauberball in colour Oktoberfest.  I couldn’t get the colour quite right in the photo editing, it is slightly more orange.



Although this isn’t a Crazy Zauberball you can just see on the left edge that it does have a little bit of the variegated twist in it. Now I need to find a project to really show off the colours.  Perhaps another Zilver?

Talking of shawls, did anyone see the episode of The Great British Sewing Bee where one of the ladies was wearing a knitted rainbow coloured one?  No-one even mentioned it, or perhaps they edited it out.



5 thoughts on “I want to knit!!

  1. Hope you’re managing more and feeling better now the stitches are out Donna.

    The shawl on Sewing Bee was knitted by Sarah who blogs at Crafts from the Cwtch … Linda is her Mum 🙂

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