** Warning – photo heavy post!**

My poor little neglected blog!  The combination of a trip to Bath, visiting my parents and promoting the Baarmygirls Podcast has led to not enough time here!  So inevitably there is a bit of catching up to do…..

Let’s start with Bath.  Colin and I decided to “do something” for our 20th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, so we booked a couple of nights in Bath.  Neither of us had been there before so it was somewhere we could visit for the first time together.

We had an apartment on one of the main streets in the centre of town, which turned out to be in the house that Jane Austen lived in when she first came to live in Bath with her parents.  The house belonged to her aunt and uncle.

Parking was quite difficult despite having a permit so we left the car where it was for the two days and walked because everything was so close.


Living room of the apartment


View from rear window overlooking Bath

You see the shop with the black surround next to the yellow one?  I was looking in the window when I spotted a cute mug, and when I went in to look I also discovered a little tin – with a knitting Moomin!  Perfect for stitch markers.


A little later on we passed a bookshop – well I say passed, we went IN a bookshop because nobody can just pass a bookshop – and I bought the Moomin book.  This was the bookshop, the superbly named Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights.


and while I was paying, the eagle eyed husband spotted this on the counter, so I snapped it up because it had only come out the day before


We wandered around and visited the Bath touristy things……


The Royal Crescent



The Abbey overlooking the Roman Baths


The Roman Baths


The Abbey

My husband is amazing.  He was looking at a leaflet and said “Do you want to go to the American Museum?”  I said “Why?”  He said “Because there is a Kaffe Fassett exhibition on there.”  So we hopped on a little shuttle bus and went.  It is about 3 miles out of the centre of Bath, up on a hill, an d the roadworks caused all kinds of problems, but when we stepped off the bus I saw this



The Kaffe exhibit was in a separate building and as you walked in it was just his colours


I spotted a couple of garments I made versions of in the 90s

I lived in this jumper!

I lived in this jumper!


Outside was a tree covered in pompoms!!


On the last morning, Colin got the car packed and wandered around for half an hour while I popped into the Museum of Costume.  I thought it would be bigger but it was quite interesting.  They even had 3 of Princess Diana’s dresses….


I thought this was pretty


but this red Georgian dress was my favourite


I think I’ll stop there, surely that’s enough for now.



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