While we were in Bath we went to one of Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurants.  The food was great and very reasonably priced.





When we left Bath we took a small detour to the outskirts of Bristol to Get Knitted.  I have ordered from their website in the past and expected the shop to be better than it was.  Although it was a large shop, there was a lot of empty space.  There was a nice couch for Colin to sit and wait while I wandered round, and on the plus side they do sell Cascade 220.  I bought two skeins for a Downton Hat, and two balls of Mexiko sock yarn.






We then headed back towards home but had another detour to my parents near Hereford where I was going to stay for a few days with my mum while my step-dad went in for an operation.  I stayed from the Thursday afternoon until the following Wednesday morning when I hopped on a train home.  It was nice to spend some time with my mum, just the two of us.  We had some good chats and put the world to rights!!  It is only a small town where they live and although they have only been there a couple of years, they seem to know everybody!

We had a walk through the town, and had lunch in a little cafe called Flowerdew’s. We also went into a fascinating vintage shop, which really was a vintage shop, not modern stuff in “vintage style”.  It was all higgledy piggledy and absolutely stuffed with clothes and accessories.  If you like genuine vintage, give it a visit – its called Teagowns and Textiles.

On the day of the operation mum and I stayed in the hospital to wait for my step-dad to come back from theatre, so to pass the time of course I took some knitting with me.  I took my sock needles and this yarn



and got to work on a pair of vanilla socks.  I just finished them off this afternoon.  They are very bright and they don’t match but I love them anyway.


So after nearly a week there I got home in time for Yarn Shop Day.  But that is the next post…………..



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