FO: Washi Dress number 2 and future projects.

I couldn’t resist making another Washi Dress straight away, so I did.  I made it exactly the same apart from shortening it slightly.  And of course it is a totally different colour.





(A little less grumpy faced in these photos!!)

The material for this one is very slightly thicker than the first and does tend to jut out a bit giving what I describe as a “maternity look”. Not good on a non-pregnant person, so I have just popped it in the washing machine with some fabric softener to see if I can soften it up and get it to hang straighter.

I subscribed to the new magazine, Love Sewing, and the free gift was a copy of Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes (rrp £20).  You may recognise Tilly as one of the contestants on the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee and she blogs at Tilly and the Buttons. It arrived a few days ago along with Issue 2 of the magazine, and it is a really great book.  Excellent for a beginner as she starts with a straight rectangle scarf and goes through the basics, and then as she goes onto the next project you get lessons on the extra techniques used in the increasingly more complex garments.


I am blogging this afternoon because I am being completely indecisive about what to make next.  I like this dress from the book


and I have some plain lilac/lavender linen that I could use, but I also bought this pattern and fabric



I am going to do version C with the green as the main colour and the purple spots for the cuffs and bottom hem.  I suppose I already have two dresses now, so a top would make sense at this point.

I haven’t abandon the knitting, I am currently doing that at knit groups and in the evenings.  I’m working on the Linum Tee from the latest issue of Knitscene.  I’m using Drops Safran 100% cotton rather than the linen, so it will probably drop a bit.  It is an oversized top anyway so should be okay.

There is also a bit of yarn bombing in the offing.  The project is being prepared and there will be more on that at a later date.

There should hopefully be a new podcast episode next week when Jane gets back from her holiday.  We are hoping to interview Kim from Alterknit Universe over Skype but I’m having some volume issues which I hope I can sort out by next week.


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