Party, Gary Numan, sewing and yarn – an eclectic mix!!

Ok, so where did that month go???  I have no idea.

The World Cup is in full swing but luckily we have two tellies so I can watch Wimbledon.  Murray is looking really strong this year, so he could make it 2 in a row.

The weather has been really good for a couple of weeks, but I have still managed to keep my lily white legs!!  My step-dad’s side of the family all got together for his birthday last week and everyone was brown except me!  It’s hard work staying this pale you know.  Talking of the party, I didn’t think I would make it as I was pretty sick on the Friday and had to miss work on the Saturday.  But luckily I made it for the Sunday and we drove down to Oxford for lunch!


Here we all are (step-dad Bill front left)



Fab birthday cake, “The One that Got Away was THIS BIG!!”

It was a lovely day and great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in 20-odd years!!

Then on the Monday evening we went to see Gary Numan.  Yes, THAT Gary Numan.  He’s been gigging and making albums since the late 70s.  I have a friend, Chris, who is a mega-super-fan and he came up to stay overnight and go to the gig.  It was a small venue, probably about 500 people and we had a great view.  We stood at the side of the stage behind a couple of guys in wheelchairs so we could see perfectly.  Wow, but it was LOUD!!!  I was deaf and hoarse by the end, and dripping wet as it was one of the hottest days of the year so far.  If I’d known you could take photos I would have taken a proper camera, but here are some iPhone pics.




Me & Chris (who is also brown!!!)

Anyway, onto some crafty things………..

On the sewing front I have had two success and a sort of failure.  I attempted the tunic top from my previous post but I think I made it too big and it also has no shape, so it just hangs, too long to be a top and too short to be a dress.  A couple of the girls have suggested I add a tie/belt so I’m going to do that to pull it in a bit.  But I need to make the tie first, so no pics yet.  My two successes are a Delphine Skirt from Tilly’s book Love at First Stitch, (the one on the cover) and a red batwing top from New Look pattern 6648.  I was pretty pleased that I made a pretty good effort (although with room for improvement) at an invisible zip on the skirt and I added pockets.




Contrary to the evidence here, I do in fact possess TWO arms

The neck is a little wide but as the material is a knit fabric and a little warm for this weather, I can see me wearing it with a long sleeve top underneath in the colder months anyway.

I may possibly have bought some more patterns but I couldn’t possibly comment.  I think the dress is really cute with the black contrast fabric.

And onto knitting!!  I have been very slow and am still working on my Linum Tee.  I am on the final stretch now though.  I think I have made a mistake using cotton instead of linen as it seems to be growing.  It may need to go in a slightly too hot wash at some point.  There have been some tempting offers at work lately and I couldn’t resist some skeins of Araucania Ranco at £3.95 each.

So that is what I have been doing to fill my time.  Didn’t get to Woolfest but am looking forward to Yarndale in September.

Oh and don’t forget to listen to The Baarmygirls Podcast episode 5!!  And send us your thoughts, you will probably get a mention in the next episode!!


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