Why do we have to have extremes of weather?  I’d be quite happy with a constant temperature of about 21C, so I didn’t freeze my bum off in winter and sweat my bum off in summer.  It would make clothes buying and choosing what to wear each day so much easier.  “We shouldn’t complain,” I find myself saying and hearing said back to me, but why not?  It’s TOO HOT!!  The building I work in, thankfully only two days a week, is a metal industrial unit, which last Wednesday got hotter and hotter and hotter as the day went on. My dress was stuck to me!

However, since I discovered sewing I have embraced the articles of clothing called ‘skirts’ and ‘dresses’.  What a revelation!  Oh, and the ‘insulin pump bra clip’.  I always used to wear jeans and trousers with pockets or belt loops so I could either hide my insulin pump in a pocket or in a little pouch especially designed to slide onto a belt. But wearing a skirt or dress isn’t so easy.  I have used a thigh pouch before but they are rather uncomfortable and there is always the possibility of it slipping down and being tripped over, (although mine is so tight it would cut off the circulation in my leg before coming down!)

So I have tried the bra clip.  Again it is a pouch but it just has a little hook which fits over the bit that goes under your arm.  And there the pump hangs, tucked away where no-one needs to see it.  I am lucky that my pump has a remote control on the blood test meter so I can program my insulin dose, press a button on the meter when I need to, and never have to touch the pump all day. It beats fishing around to get at it at inconvenient moments!

Anyway enough about that, I have finished a couple of things…..


The first one is a little top from New Look pattern 6891. I got the cute owl fabric from Calico Laine in Neston, but can you spot the (not) deliberate mistake?  One half of the owls are upside down, because i folded the fabric the wrong way when I cut it out!  Luckily it doesn’t notice too much as they are all a bit random anyway.  Its the same on the back too so at least I’m consistent.

I have finished my Linum Tee but just have to edge the sleeve holes.  In the meantime I made a Downton Hat from my friend Annie’s pattern. Unfortunately I picked the wrong size and also my gauge was wrong and it came out too big, but I managed to salvage it by felting it and I really like it better ow.  It is lovely and thick and is going to be really warm in the cold weather.




Knitted in Cascade 220 that I got at Get Knitted during our trip to Bath in April.

I may also have acquired some yarn

The first is just some acrylic that I got for my yarn bombing project, and the second is some natural handspun Shetland DK from a small market stall in Aberaeron near Aberystwyth.  We had a nice chat with the chap who spun it, he uses it to make rugs.  There is 375g there, no idea what yardage though!

Baarmygirls should be recording this week, hopefully. There has been a delay due to illness but we will catch up soon.


One thought on “Weather

  1. I never really thought before about what you’ve done with your pump when I see you in a dress. Interesting. And of course I think the hat looks fab 🙂

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