Finally, an FO! Refresher Socks

Nothing overly exciting, but I have actually finished something!

Knitting wise I have finished a pair of plain 60st socks.  I prefer a plain sock these days but knitted in a colourful yarn.  Its a little bit of colour to an otherwise conservative outfit.


These were knitted from my own basic pattern, on 2.5mm needles using Fortissima Mexiko sock yarn which I got from Get Knitted earlier in the year when we went to Bath (and popped to Bristol on the way home).  They aren’t quite as bright as this, I’ve called them Refresher Socks because the colour reminds me of the childhood sweets.

Sewing wise, I almost had a disaster.  I made another pattern from the Stylish Dress Book and after my success at my “maternity” top, I also succeeded in the “hospital gown” look!


After a bit of a rethink, I decided shorter was the way to go and chopped a few inches off the bottom.  I think this has changed the whole look.  The material doesn’t help with the hospital gown comparison but at least I now don’t have to put a slit up the back and stick my bare bum out!!




4 thoughts on “Finally, an FO! Refresher Socks

  1. Nice evolution of your sewing. I like the “end” result!
    I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking something when I read this. You’re a nutcake, Ms Donna!

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