Dyeing to knit it!

One day last week I went up to the dentist to change my appointment as I couldn’t get them on the phone.  When I got there they were closed, but instead of getting back in the car and coming straight home I thought I’d have a mooch in the old fashioned hardware shop two doors away.  I came back out with three totally random and unrelated items – some houseplant compost, which I do need to repot some “spider babies”  (baby spider plants but I can’t resist Dougal’s expression!), a small block of beeswax (???)  and some purple dye.  Before this moment I had no inclination to dye anything.

I just so happened to have one skein of undyed 100% BFL 4ply yarn that I bought at Yarndale 2013.  I got it from Laxtons and it has sat in my stash ever since.


So on Friday morning I decided to have a go at dyeing it.  I’d always shied away from dyeing as I’d heard words like mordant, alum, scouring etc and didn’t have a clue.  However, it was remarkably easy – mix a few things in water, add salt, dunk it in, leave it for a bit and hey presto!  Purple yarn……


I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it came out.  I can’t wait to use it but I want to show it to my knit group still in the skein as I think it looks fab like that.  I shall be having another go and seeing if I can play about with variegation and different colours.  But for now I think this yarn will be a lovely infinity scarf for the winter.

As for Yarndale 2014, you can hear about my adventures on the Baarmygirls podcast, where I interviewed some of the vendors and customers.



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