Whoops, I did it again!

I’ve done some more dyeing this week.  I had a skein each of undyed Araucania Ranco and Araucania Tepa.  I wanted to see how the same purple I used before would turn out on the different yarns.  I also wanted to try a skein in more than one colour.

So I dyed the Tepa just in purple, and it came out paler than the BFL I used in the last post.  I used the same for half the skein of Ranco and then I put the other half in a colour called Tulip Red.  It came out more of a deep pink but I think it looks fab with the purple.  I had each end of the skein in each dye pot so where the colour wicked up, the two mixed together and the result is really good.

Top to bottom: 100% BFL, two colour Ranco, Tepa




L-R: BFL, Ranco, Tepa


Ranco rewound into a yarn cakeDSCN2391


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