…. and again!

I thought I would try a different yarn and a different colour for a bit of dyeing last Thursday.  I had a skein of 100g of Debbie Bliss Rialto DK from work, and some blue dye in two different shades.  This was the result……


I really love the lighter blue, and I think this test skein will end up as another pair of Annie’s Runrig Muffatees. It will be interesting to see how it stripes in these side to side mitts.

Talking of mitts, I used the two colour Ranco I dyed in purple and red/pink to knit up a simple 52 st fingerless mitt.  I had hoped it would strip regularly but the result came out much better than I expected.  The two colours have sort of cancelled each other out so neither is too bright but the overall effect is a lovely colour……..




We are having a little competition over on The Baarmygirls Podcast.  Last week at knit group we all made hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles for The Big Knit, a campaign they run each year to raise money for AgeUK.  We had all kinds of shapes and sizes.  You can see my dodgy pineapple below.  We won’t be sending them off unit the end of November so thought we would ask listeners to knit hats and send them to us and we would send them all off together.  Then we thought we’d set a challenge.  Whoever sends the most hats will get a prize, and also whoever sends the most unusual hat.  So if you want to join in have a listen to episode 8.5 for all the details (it’s only 5 mins long) and get knitting.  You don’t have to knit them all yourself, get a group together, get the kids involved, make it FUN!!!


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