My knitting mojo is back!


Last Tuesday I went into hospital and had a micro discectomy on my back.  This was because of the prolapsed disc I had, which started last November.  Anyway I finally got to have the op and things appear to be going very well.  I am not allowed to drive or go to work for 4-6 weeks, so I am taking the time to do stuff I like doing.

And one of those things is knitting.  I had had sore hands for a while and knitting just made it worse so I decided to have a break.  However a few weeks ago I discovered a pattern at work from Juniper Moon Farm called Merrimack, and fell in love with it.  I had made a major mistake on my previous project and was not friends with it – I threw it in the naughty corner – so I decided to have a go at the Merrimack instead.  I remembered some John Arbon Knit by Numbers that I had in my stash, bought at last year’s Yarndale, and made a start.


I’d only done a few rows when I knew I was going to love this cardigan.  The yarn is sooooooo soft and warm, I’m excited!  And it doesn’t seem to be affecting my hands.  Maybe it is the soft yarn or maybe it is the needles.  I have been using my Chiagoo Interchangeables, needles that I have not used before. They are smooth, pointy for the cabling without a needle, but also slightly grippy – the combination with the yarn just seems to work.

However I was catching up on other blogs when I came across a review for the new KnitPro Zing needles. I didn’t know about these, so being a KnitPro fan I ordered a couple.  They only come in DPNS and fixed circulars at the moment, hopefully in the future they will do needle tips to fit the current cables.  Anyway I got a 2.5mm for socks, and a 3.75mm which is the size I’m using for the Merrimack from Meadow Yarn.  Each size is a different colour, which would make them easy to find in your knitting bag, with silver tips.  There is no join between the shaft and tip so that is super smooth.  Like the Chiagoos they are smooth with some grippiness.  Not as pointy though.  I have knit a couple of rows with them but haven’t got to a cable row yet, so can’t say how easy they will be to cable without a cable needle.

KnitPro Zing (left), Chicago interchangeables (right).

KnitPro Zing (left), Chicago interchangeables (right).

I suspect that I would use the KnitPros for quite plain projects and the Chiagoos or HiyaHiyas for anything with lace or cables.  Hmmmmm, that’s a job I could do while I’m recuperating – sort out all my needles!!


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