Poor neglected blog!

Hello, are you still out there!  Yikes it’s been a while.

In the meantime I’ve had my back operation, lost my job, and got a new dog!

And I have more time now for crafting.  But somehow my days do seem to involve the everyday tasks like hoovering, washing and the (very) occasional bit of ironing.

I have very little knitting to talk about.  I have been having problems with my finger joints and a dodgy shoulder which are both made worse by knitting so I’ve been avoiding it apart from once a week at knit group, where I get about two rows done when I can take a break from chatting!!  I still have the Merrimack cardigan as my current WIP.  I am just getting to the end of the second sleeve, after which it is a case of joining all the bits up to go onto the hood.

Sadly I no longer work in the yarn shop.  Stash Fine Yarns was bought by a company in Bradford and they closed the Chester shop making us redundant.  I do miss it.  I only worked there two days a week but since it closed I feel I have lost touch with the knitting world.  They have taken on the running of the website under the same name so you can still order but it won’t be me packing the orders or making the tea & coffee anymore 😦

We got a new doggy in November.  After much searching and agonising at all the rescue sites and centres we finally got a chocolate Lab from Labrador Rescue North West, the same place as  Susie came from.  A boy this time, he is 4 years old called Rufus.


He’s been a bit poorly today after eating a bar of soap!!

I think my craft room is about full now, and that’s without the yarn!  Amazing how you grow to fill a space.  I have been making quite a few cards recently.  Here are some of the Christmas cards I made……

And various birthday and random occasion cards……..

I’ll try to do individual posts for future ones, this is just a catch up.

My back operation was a complete success, I have no pain and am back to full movement. They removed the part of the disc that was protruding and I was up and walking within two hours!  It took a month or so until I felt a lot better and I’m now almost weaned off the painkillers.  I don’t need them but can’t just stop after being on them for a year.

So I hope you all have some lovely plans for 2016.  I plan to do more podcasting with Jane at The Baarmygirls Podcast.  Hope you’ll come over and have a listen.  I can’t guarantee a huge amount of knitting content but we have a good giggle.

See you soon!


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