Sewing machines.

I have been sewing the last few days.  Last Friday I went with my friend Anne to Jaycott’s because she wanted to look at sewing machines.  About an hour later we emerged after she had been persuaded by me and the lovely salesman to purchase a Brother fancy-schmancy new machine and an overlocker.  Inspired by this I dug out a book I have – The Book of Bags – and decided that this week would be a sewing week.

I decided to go for an easy pattern to get started again – it’s been about 12 months since I sewed anything – and chose the triangle bag.  After a bi of humming and hawwing over the instructions I came up with this….


It’s not the most secure bag in the world and not very big.  I think I need to seam down the diagonal bits.  The pattern says to put in a few random stitches but there is a bit of gaping.  It’s ok for holding a book or a small knitting project.

My second project is a small messenger bag.  I am about halfway through, it is lined and has a handle but it needs a flap adding.  I am not continuing with this bag until next week as I am awaiting a new sewing machine!  I was so envious of Anne’s new toys that I popped back to Jaycott’s today and chose a new machine.  My current machine has 20 stitches and you choose the stitch on a big dial, thread the needle by eye – not easy at my age! – and clunk away.  The new one is all computerised and practically does everything for you.  It has loads of stitches, different buttonholes, lettering and the best bit – it threads the needle!!  I passed on the overlocker but did get a free quilting table kit with it.  Not that I’ll be quilting mind.  So I should get it on Monday, they are going to ring me.

This is my old one if anyone is interested.  I’m going to put it on eBay.  To be honest there is nothing wrong with it and it hasn’t been used very much at all.

Version 2


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