In our living room we have some original pencil drawings which we bought a few years ago at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, which is held every year at Gordale Garden Centre on the Wirral. The drawings are by the excellent artist Jamie Boots.


The Lookout Post



Restless Slumber

We also have one by Jordan Price from last year, a young artist who was inspired by Jamie.





Whenever we go to the exhibition, we wander around and look at all the pictures mumbling to ourselves that maybe we could do it.  We’ve said it for years now and not done anything about it.  Colin started to have a go last year but I’ve never drawn in my life so had no idea where to start..

Towards the end of last year Colin noticed that there was a workshop on wildlife drawing in March taken by none other than Jamie Boots!  He decided he wanted to go so I thought I’d go too for a weekend away doing something different.  I had no expectations and hoped the subject wouldn’t be too complicated for a beginner.  So off we went to Kettering a couple of weeks ago.

There were 15 people at the class, most of which had been to one (or more!) of his workshops before.  On the desk everyone had the same photo of a lion.  We all gathered round while Jamie explained the first part of the drawing – the outline and shading – and then we had to go and make a start.  He then came round everyone individually offering advice, before gathering for the next bit and so on.

Half way through day 1 I had produced this and was feeling rather chuffed with myself….


The second day was about learning the techniques for filling in the detail.  We weren’t expected to finish the drawing by the end of the two days, but I was even more chuffed with what I’d done by the time we came home.


I haven’t added a great deal since then but I think you can see there is more detail to the side of the nose, the outline and the chin…..


I hope to finish it but it may take a while as it is quite time consuming. But having gone not even expecting to draw a cartoon worm, I think I did pretty well.


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